Impact Falling Weight
The test sample supports have been designed to be highly flexible so that they can cater for a wide range of test sample shapes and sizes. The picture oposite shows a typical set up for extruded pipes up to 600 mm diameter.

The majority of test specifications call for drop heights up to 2,000 mm. However, the apparatus can be produced for 3,000 mm drop heights having an impact velocity of 7.67 m/s and an impact energy of 209 joules.

The falling weight is automatically raised up by a pneumatic rodless cylinder which latches the falling weight into an adjustable height solenoid release mechanism so there is no operator fatigue involved in lifting the weights.

With resilient components such as pipes, the falling weight can rebound back onto the component after the first impact and if it was allowed to keep bouncing on the test sample, futher damage would result. Therefore, an anti - rebound device is available to catch the falling weight after the initial impact