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Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd.

Founded in 1977 and regarded as one of the principal suppliers of test equipment to the Polymer Industry. Its products can be found in over 60 different countries giving the Company a truely International presence.

Ray-Ran is somewhat unique as the Company designs and manufactures all of its products in-house. This gives the Company total control on the lead times of its products and provides the fexibility to address its priorities to the more urgent customer demands.


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ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation.

In July 2005, Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2000 accreditation by the World Certification Service,  and issued with certificate number 4915 (click on ISO Certificate for details) in recognision of its Quality Management System focused on the need to meet customer requirements and satisfaction

This is an important step in maintaining the Company's policy of commitment and dedication to support its customers. It is also in keeping with the long tradition of designing and manufacturing products that are cost effective and incorporate the latest technology.


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Demonstration Facility

Ray-Ran Test Equipment is very pleased to welcome customers to its purpose built onsite demonstration facility based in Nuneaton.

The facility is ideal for product verification and validation purposes which lets customers get a “hands on” experience of the equipment of interest to ensure their future investment meets their requirements.

For customers who have already purchased equipment from Ray-Ran the onsite demonstration facility also provides an excellent place to train your personnel. Our fully trained technicians ensure your operators are fully conversant with all the technical aspects of the equipment and understand the operation procedures ensuring accurate test results maximizing the return on your investment.

If an onsite demonstration is not possible simply send us your test samples and we will conduct a small batch test on the equipment of interest to verify the apparatus meets your testing requirements.

Based within a short distance of Birmingham Airport, Train and Motorway routes, Ray-Ran Test Equipment is very accessible to many UK and European customers. If your journey or visit requires an overnight stay, Ray-Ran can organise local hotel accommodation if required.

If you feel this facility would be beneficial to you please contact Ray-Ran to arrange your visit.


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Service & Calibration

Ray-Ran recommend a regular service and calibration programme for your testing equipment after purchase to maintain their accuracy and reliability.

All service and calibration procedures are conducted by skilled technicians with the most up to date equipment available ensuring your apparatus fully complies with International Testing Standards.

Calibrations are usually conducted on a 24hr turnaround basis ensuring limited downtime and expense to the customer.

Each machine is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration which is your guarantee of our competence and of the continuing accuracy of your instrumentation.


In the event that your equipment breaks down or develops a fault Ray-Ran offer a complete repair program. Conducted by fully skilled technicians the work will include fault diagnosis followed by a plan of action to make the equipment fully functional.

Ray-Ran will notify you of all the costs involved prior to work being carried out and all repairs are covered with a 12 month warranty.


International Trade Awards 2007

In July 2007, Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd. won first place in the International Trade Awards sponsored by the UK Trade and Investment Organisation, by consistently exported between 70 and 85% of its growing order book to virtually every country in the world.